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Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Valentine

Brad & I had only celebrated Valentine's Day (Hallmark holiday) twice since we've been together. On our first Valentine's Day, he made me dinner and bought a dozen of the most beautiful peach colored roses and a fuzzy, sparkling teddy bear to match (which I still have). The other one we celebrated was last year, because it was our first Valentine's Day after our wedding. This year we were supposed to exchange cards like most other years, but I don't think Brad got that memo! He sent a gorgeous basket of daisies (my favorite) to my office. He is so sweet. The rest of the evening wasn't super romantic, Bob Evans for dinner (we used a gift card we got for Christmas), and to the grocery store after that, but we had a nice evening together. It was so busy that I forgot to give him the card I made for him. Oops! In fact, he still hasn't gotten it. I'll let you know when he finally gets his card.

There are also some important life decisions which are in the works too, but since no decisions have been made yet, I am going to wait to share details.


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