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Monday, June 19, 2006


Brad & I just got back from what has become our annual fishing trip to Bob's Lake in Canada. It was so nice to be unreachable for a whole week. There are no phones, no televisions, no cable, most cabins don't have showers or even hot water in the bathrooms, although we ended up in a cabin with a private shower (that was nice). We took our portable DVD player so that we could watch The Dukes of Hazzard. We went to the closest town which is Westport and got fresh fudge and visited the Lower Rideau (the lake where Westport is). I already had "sea legs" by the end of the second day on the boat. Let me tell you, its no fun to feel like you're still on the boat when you're not. I have some pretty good pictures which I may post if I ever get around to it. It's not like I haven't been promising other pictures for almost a year now!!

I have been very busy at work since my last post. I have been doing an Interim Controllership at a client for more than a month now. Their books were a mess and I was charged with straightening them out in a matter of about 3-1/2 weeks, which I did (for the most part). There are still a few odds and ends that need to be cleared up, but I am basically done!! I look forward to spending more time in my office and less time at this client!!! I spent about an hour or so at my office this morning and will be there again Wednesday morning, but aside from that I will be at the client. People don't even know I work there any more--everyone is surprised to see me come in to the office. They say "I didn't know if you still worked here" and "wow, nice of you to pop in every once in a while." It's kind of funny. I think they had this project in mind for me long before I accepted their offer. It sure is a good thing that I have experience cleaning up messes!!

Next Monday is my company's annual golf outing and they offered some alternative activities. I am attending a gourmet grilling class which should be fun.

Brad & I are going to Chicago (land) the weekend of June 30th. I love to go there and Brad hates it. He says it's too flat and busy and there are way too many stores. I love to shop, so needless to say I tend to think otherwise.

More to come later.


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