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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

FYI: This is now a craft blog!!!
I saw a card similar to this at a friends house and thought to my self "that's super cute & I can make it." So, I did. The original had the ears on the ends but I think it looks more like a cat and less like a bat this way.
I'll be adding a lot more fun things later.
Here's what I did: I cut the shape out of black cardstock then cut the eyes out of orange and the nose out of black. I masked the area where I wanted the eyes and nose to be with the shapes and sprayed with adhesive. I turned the eyes and nose over and then coated the entire thing with black glitter. I cut thin strips of black cardstock and then snipped them from one end almost to the other (keeping them in one peice). I curled the whiskers with scissors and voila!!


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